Jan 12

I love the state fair because it seems that the rules to life’s etiquette don’t apply there and that’s totally accepted and almost praised. You see things there that if you saw out in the wild world, you’d be like no, no, you can’t do that! For example: I saw a man there with a raging mullet, which by itself would have been ok, but I look two inches down and there it was, a Tasmanian devil tattoo. NO! Kentucky, there are rules. A combination like that could break hearts, necks and lives. You can have the mullet but you’re gonna have to put the tattoo down on your calf or something to spread that kind of power out. But not in the same neck region. What makes a man wake up one day and say ”I want a tattoo right here on the front of my neck.” His wife says ”of what” and he says ”a cartoon character, yeah, wrapped in a tornado of smoke, and.what’s fer breakfast?” So it, inspires me why? Because the fair tells me obviously with evidence that there are no rules, no lines in the sand that can’t be crossed. Be bold and a little ignorant, .the result appears to be pretty happy. Drunker than hell, but happy.

Bold and a little ignorant!!!
Sarah Rose Hyland

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