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Filmed in Henry Co. Kentucky by Sarah’s brother Terry and edited by no other than “Gail”. Gail & Gail go to the Henry County Harvest Showcase so they can buy produce, ride a horse, milk a cow and watch a tractor pull. Truly a Kentucky experience.

Terry was assisted by his life long friend Geoff Luber.

Dec 04

“That’s Right – It’s Sarah Hyland”: Sarah Hyland wrote, produced and directed one-woman show, with all her favorite characters: La Sarah, Little Sarah, Gail and Kentucky Lightning. It is set at her favorite location, the State Fair. Here’s the highlights!!!!!!

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Your personal invitation to the show:

Thanks for a sell out crowd…

Aug 05

Sarah Hyland shows “A house divided”, U of K and U of L fans in the same family

Aug 05

Sarah shows how, with a little bit of soul and an LA in front of her name, La Sarah handles an ugly A… Troll asking for her phone number.

Aug 05

Sarah shows how, with a little bit of soul and an La in front of her name, she would handle a person with too many items in the Express Lane.

Mar 27

The Million Dolla Boys sign La’ Sarah to a record deal for $17 and a lifetime supply of cran grape.

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Feb 10

In this episode of THE FUNNY TRUTH ABOUT CREDIT, comedian Jon Lovitz visits an antique store and discovers that a credit bureau is not a piece of furniture when Maribel Aber, a co-shopper and financial expert, steps in. The video series, THE FUNNY TRUTH ABOUT CREDIT, presented by Experian, dispels common myths and misconceptions about credit starring financial expert Maribel Aber, and well-known celebrities in hilarious real-life situations.

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