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Jan 13

Rose Water Ice Cream
Three things I like by themselves, put them altogether and you got your self a champion mood booster. Pair that killer triple threat up with a hyacinth plant in the middle of the table and go somewhere that heaven gets jealous of. They say that 3-d and surround sound will take you “there”, and I agree with that. But if you only got three bucks as opposed 3000 for the ol’ screen in the living room or even 30 bucks you drop at movies today, try my trip tick, all you need is a mouth and a nose. You got that? Yeah, well, buckle in, take a bite of God’s chosen ice cream, while in your mouth, smell the hyacinth plant. As an extra bonus, only for the graduate level heaven seekers. Try this in the company of your best friends. Yeah, pass it around and share the experience, add a dash of sunshine on your face. Seriously, don’t call me, I’ll call you, because I know where you’ll be. Unreachable until further notified. I understand, this inspires me because who would have thought mixing concoctions like this was possible? I had thought I topped out at the suicide drinks I made in grade school at concession stand but no, this is the adult version of the suicide. You will die and go to heaven, while never leaving your Gucci heels. Also highly recommended just cause well, hell, who doesn’t feel inspired in a pair of Gucci’s?

All you need is a mouth and a nose!

Sarah Rose

Jan 12

I love the state fair because it seems that the rules to life’s etiquette don’t apply there and that’s totally accepted and almost praised. You see things there that if you saw out in the wild world, you’d be like no, no, you can’t do that! For example: I saw a man there with a raging mullet, which by itself would have been ok, but I look two inches down and there it was, a Tasmanian devil tattoo. NO! Kentucky, there are rules. A combination like that could break hearts, necks and lives. You can have the mullet but you’re gonna have to put the tattoo down on your calf or something to spread that kind of power out. But not in the same neck region. What makes a man wake up one day and say ”I want a tattoo right here on the front of my neck.” His wife says ”of what” and he says ”a cartoon character, yeah, wrapped in a tornado of smoke, and.what’s fer breakfast?” So it, inspires me why? Because the fair tells me obviously with evidence that there are no rules, no lines in the sand that can’t be crossed. Be bold and a little ignorant, .the result appears to be pretty happy. Drunker than hell, but happy.

Bold and a little ignorant!!!
Sarah Rose Hyland

Jan 07

Jan 07

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Dec 29

Dec 09

Filmed in Henry Co. Kentucky by Sarah’s brother Terry and edited by no other than “Gail”. Gail & Gail go to the Henry County Harvest Showcase so they can buy produce, ride a horse, milk a cow and watch a tractor pull. Truly a Kentucky experience.

Terry was assisted by his life long friend Geoff Luber.

Dec 04

“That’s Right – It’s Sarah Hyland”: Sarah Hyland wrote, produced and directed one-woman show, with all her favorite characters: La Sarah, Little Sarah, Gail and Kentucky Lightning. It is set at her favorite location, the State Fair. Here’s the highlights!!!!!!

Dec 01

Dec 01

Sarah Hyland doesn’t mean to be rude when she subtly starts to imitate the person she’s with. It’s just this weird thing she’s done since she was a little kid and figured out she was able to complete tough math problems by mimicking the sound of her teacher’s voice instructing her grade school class.
“I never checked in with myself to see if this was offensive. They start talking like this and I start talking like this and I’m like, ‘Stop doing this, Sarah,’ but I can’t. Really, it’s my way of connecting,” said Hyland.
It’s also a form of self-protection. “I think all comics have that. You’re so terrified of being a part of the human race, being a smart ass is like your shield.”

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Nov 28

Oct 14

Aug 12

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Aug 06
Aug 05

Sarah Hyland shows “A house divided”, U of K and U of L fans in the same family

Aug 05

Sarah shows how, with a little bit of soul and an LA in front of her name, La Sarah handles an ugly A… Troll asking for her phone number.

Aug 05

Sarah shows how, with a little bit of soul and an La in front of her name, she would handle a person with too many items in the Express Lane.

Jul 27
Apr 12

Thursday, April 22 @ 8 pm
The Jon Lovitz Comedy Club
1000 Universal Studios Blvd., #222
Universal City, CA

Comics include: Christian Shirm, Andy Goldblatt, Eric Hahn, Erin Foley and of course ME . . The Fabulous Sarah Hyland.

Apr 10

Event: Joke Lab: Worst Thing
The LabCabin
833 N LaBrea
Los Angeles, CA
Thursday, April 15th at 8:30

Performing with Claire Titleman, Josh Covitt, Barry Rothbart, Iliza Shlesinger, Ron Babacock

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